Our wide range of treatments and services have been prepared to satisfy all needs and expectations of our Clients regarding body care. Our offer makes it possible to forget about everyday hustle and bustle and a stressful lifestyle, relax in peace and quiet and to fully recuperate. Our Spa Centres offers the best products and treatments on the market, owing to which each our Client will look and feel wonderful. We use, among other things, cosmetics by:


REPECHAGE which uses exceptional and patented method of algae processing, owing to which they maintain its all natural richness of nutritional values and they are almost completely free from the characteristic unpleasant odour. Combined with plant extracts, including chestnut, fireweed, almonds, water lily, they have become a natural alternative for bottox. These company's treatments and products have received numerous awards in Poland and in the world ("Kryształowa Wenus -2007" and "Medal Mercurius Gedanensis – 2008).


AROSHA which are used for various kinds of peel treatments based on the following acids: hydroxyacetic acid, lactic acid, benzoglycolic acid and salicylic acid. They are very easy to and economical to use. The treatment provides the Client with incredible experiences and ensures visible and progressive effects.


SCULPTURA - we also recommend all kinds of peel treatments by SCULPTURA. They are prepared on the basis of hydroxyacetic acid, lactic acid, benzoglycolic acid and salicylic acid. They are a new scientific achievement in the area of the evolution of superficial peeling and they are based on a two-stage synergic effect, which enhances their effectiveness and allows to peel your skin gently without irritation.


Our Spa specialists using the aforementioned products and their training, professional expertise nd effective treatments will use their best efforts to achieve the best skin care results.


Discover “yet another chance” for beautiful skin with our beautician!